Dog Toys available at Pets Choice, Merrimack NHWhy do dogs need toys? Well, for starters wouldn’t you rather they destroy their new toy versus your new pair shoes or the new leather couch?

Dogs, way back when, were wild and at least hunting to survive. Now, the majority of them spend the day on the couch, but some of those primitive instincts have survived….and we all know what happens when dogs need to make their own fun!

Most dog toys fill an activity that they would have performed as wild or working dogs. So, when Max “kills” the squeaker, his preying catching instincts are really the ones working. Likewise, a herding dog may “herd” all his toys into a certain spot in the room.

Hard rubber toys that can be filled with special treats or rewards can be great “Boredom Busters”. A lot of these satisfy a couple of needs, the chewing and the fulfillment of a reward. There are also some great challenging puzzles that can vary in difficulty for those really hard working dogs.

Soft, plush toys are great for calming and cuddling and you’ll find many tough dogs with a favorite “baby”.