Pets Choice: Premium Dog & Cat Food, Treats, Toys and Supplies 

Pets Choice is all about the wellness of your pet. The physical and emotional well-being of your four legged family member is our main concern. On the physical side, we want to make sure she is eating the healthiest diet for her breed and life stage. On the emotional side, we want to make sure he gets the stimulation to keep him focused and happy. This means toys and activities that keep his mind, body and soul sharp.

We offer a wide array of wholesome pet foods and pet supplies.  Our natural treats include bully sticks, deer and moose antlers, raw bones and all kinds of hard and soft treats. To us, wholesome and natural means no fillers, no artificial colors or preservatives and made in the USA whenever possible.  Take a tour through the store and see the wide selection of pet products we have available.

After all, Your Pet Deserves the Best too!