Want to feed your Cat a Healthier Diet?

Cats are obligate carnivores. Meat should be the primary source of their diet. Many low-end cat foods contain lots of fillers and by-products.

Want to try a holistic, grain-free food for your cat? How about trying it for FREE?

Bring in an empty bag of your current  “not-so-holistic” food and we’ll give you 2.2lb  bag of Nutri-Source Pure Vita Chicken & Peas Cat Food absolutely FREE

Have Questions? Talk to us!! We’re always happy to help.

*While supplies last – Empty bag must be a non-holistic cat food


Dirty Dog Doormats & Runners on SALE!!


They are absolutely amazing!  Use them to protect your car seats (they don’t slip – even on leather).  They are great in the dog crates and in your own bathroom as a mat.  Magically Soaks Up Water, Mud & Dirt!! Super absorbent material.

SAVE up to $10 while supplies last!

Cat Caves

We’re excited to share with you, these new all natural, handmade, wool cat “burrows”. Wool is a natural attractant for cats and kittens, so they are drawn to theses caves. They are dyed in all natural vegetable dyes and handmade with no seams. They stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and are washable. Come on down and pick your favorite color. Your kitty will love it!!

Natural Chews and Antlers

Moose & deer antlers at Pets Choice

We stock natural long lasting dog chews, ranging from marrow bones, to bully sticks to long lasting deer antlers. These natural chews help keep your dogs teeth clean with no artificial ingredients. We also recommend frozen raw bones to help keep those pearly whites shiny.